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The PMA.LA Slack community is a great place to engage with Product Managers from the LA and Southern California area. If you’re not familiar with Slack, think of it as a message board. You can post questions or topics for discussion, and other group members can add their comments.  Join us and be part of the conversation!

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Community Guidelines

Please be a good community citizen and observe the following rules.  We reserve the right to remove you from the group if these rules are not observed.

i. No-Spam Zone

Please do not use the forum to announce your products or blog posts. The purpose of our Slack channel is to foster community connections and conversation, not a marketing channel.

ii. Respect and tolerance

Please avoid snarky or personally offensive commentary. We encourage lively debate and discussion,provided the conversation remains positive and constructive. We do not want anyone to feel intimidated or discouraged from participating.

iii. Jobs on the Job Board

Please feel free to post job openings on our (free) Jobs board, and avoid posting them into the community Slack channel.